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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bryan Cranston to star as LBJ on HBO Special

After a very successful run on Broadway as former President Lyndon Johnson, Bryan Cranston has teamed up with Steven Spielberg to bring the play, All the Way, to HBO.

Cranston has already won a Tony Award for his portrayal of LBJ and it seems as though he's aiming for an Emmy as well. The play followed LBJ as he struggled to pass the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and with the escalation of the Vietnam War. It just ended its run on Broadway last month and in addition to Cranston winning a Tony, it also took home the award for Best Play.
Spielberg has already tackled a struggling presidential tale as he earned rave reviews for his 2012 film, Lincoln, which starred Daniel Day Lewis. Word has it he's been eyeing an adaptation of this play for quite sometime.

The role required Cranston to stretch a bit as he had to portray both personalities of LBJ; the self-pitying man and the threatening President. Play writer Robert Schenkkan will adapt the script for Spielberg and Cranston. He previously worked with Spielberg on the HBO series, The Pacific, and Cranston previously teamed with him for Saving Private Ryan.

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