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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Darren Lynn Bousman to direct sci-fi film

The so-called Predator meets Call of Duty sci-fi action flick, Apex, has enlisted Darren Lynn Bousman to direct. Bousman is somewhat of a horror favorite as he's directed three of the seven Saw films (II-IV), Repo! The Genetic Opera, the underground indie hit The Devil's Carnival, and the modern remake of Mother's Day.

Apex follows a unit that is transported to another world while deployed to North Korea to confiscate a WMD. After being transported the unit must aid in the fight against an alien species. Bousman has already stated that his vision for this film is a 1980's action style with modern combat technique.
The script is being written by James E. Cavanaugh and will be produced by Aaron Ray and Joe Di Maio.

I personally think Bousman has a lot to bring to the table. Two of my favorite Saw movies were led by him and I absolutely love Repo! The Genetic Opera. It should be interesting to see him tackle this genre.

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