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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sinister 2 to hit theaters in 2015

Focus Features has provided us with a release date of August 21, 2015 for the sequel to the 2012 horror film, Sinister. Director Scott Derrickson will not be returning to direct, but he co-wrote the script and will produce alongside Jason Blum. Cirian Foy has been hired to direct the sequel.
Blumhouse is co-financing with Focus Features and it is expected this will be another micro budget horror project similar to Insidious and The Purge. However, we saw budgets increase for both sequels so it is possible that Sinister 2 will be a bigger production this time around. 

Despite a bad villain name and the fact that it looked like a member of Slipknot, I was surprised by Sinister and wound up really liking it. I don't know where they will go with a sequel, but if it carries the same properties as the first one I think it will be just fine.

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