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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just a heads up

With all the big Comic-Con news set to hit this weekend I figured I would just put a warning out there that this blog will be a little delayed with news. I am scheduled to work this weekend into the evenings so I will try and keep up as much as I can, but I will most likely miss some stuff.

What I will probably do is do wrap-up posts for stuff that I missed and save individual posts for the major events. I also want to mention that I have somewhat joined the anti-spoiler movement and will be staying away from some things based on principle. If something seems to revealing or is excessive I will be skipping it and you can read about those things elsewhere.
That also explains my lack of posts recently regarding multiple trailers and clips for Guardians of the Galaxy and other films, like the map and plot leak for Jurassic World, because I simply feel like it spoils the movies a bit too much. Truth be told, I haven't watched or read anything about Guardians of the Galaxy since the second trailer was released. I don't like going into a theater feeling like I have already seen the best parts. I mean, we all saw what Sony did with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the five trailers plus photos plus clips that revealed just about every key point in the film. I think studio marketing has reached a point of being too revealing and I'm sure Comic-Con won't be any different. Simple as that.

So yeah, just a heads up on what to expect this weekend regarding SDCC as far as this blog goes. I'm bummed I can't sit glued to the news like I have in previous years, but what can you do.

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