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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Best Movies of 2013

It is about that time again. This time we are talking the best movies of 2013.
Now, as always, I will only discuss the movies that I saw this year. I did miss some major movies this year that I might add if I see them before the end of the year. I also want to reiterate that this is all my personal opinion and are in no particular order. Deal with it.

Let's get started!

Side Effects

I feel like this movie didn't get enough attention. It was interesting, had a great cast (minus Channing Tatum), and had a great ending. I even watched it twice. If you didn't see it I would check it out.

Dark Skies

This was one that most people thought was really bad, but I enjoyed it. I thought the premise was somewhat unexpected and I appreciated that.

Evil Dead

I did have gripes with this movie, but overall it is one of the best horror movies we have received in years. As a reboot it wasn't that great, but as a stand alone movie it was fantastic. Great effects.


I went in not knowing what to expect. I did really like it, though. It was a very interesting concept and I like movies that stretch your brain a bit and make you think. By the end of the movie I just sat there and was like... that was really cool. Very appreciated.

Iron Man 3

Not the best Iron Man movie, but a decent attempt. The effects were good and the story kept you intrigued enough. Minus the confusion and outcry over the butchering of The Mandarin, I enjoyed this one enough to make this list and not the worst list. The way I see it, Iron Man 3 was better than Iron Man 2. That's all that matters in the end.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Great. It was just great. The effects, the acting, the story, and just everything was awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch stole the show and I loved it.

The Hangover Part III

Calm down, everyone. I put this one on this list because of a couple reasons. First, it was so much better than The Hangover Part II. Second, this movie actually had a story greater than the characters get hungover and try and trace their steps. It actually had a plot and some conflict but managed to stay true to the characters and stay funny. It was a pretty good movie in general, not just for a Hangover movie.

This is the End

I regret not seeing this in theaters. By far the funniest movie I have seen all year. If you thought it was going to be bad, pray for forgiveness and watch the movie.

Man of Steel

Similar to what I said about Iron Man 3, this one makes the list based on a couple reasons; General Zod being the biggest reason. Michael Shannon was fantastic and brought so much to the table. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner also made this one for me. Granted it was full of overdone Zack Snyder effects and was basically all CGI, but it was a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be.

Monsters University

I wasn't expecting much because it was a prequel, but I walked away with a smile. Good show, Pixar.

The Heat

Before I saw This is the End, this one was my funniest of 2013. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy need to do another comedy together. They were meant for each other.


This is on the list for the sheer fact that I saw the cult segment. It was just fantastic. I would have loved to see a full length movie on that subject. 

The Conjuring

Best horror film of the year. Maybe even the best of the decade. James Wan deserves all of the praise for this movie and went out of the genre with a bang. It was stressful, interesting, beautifully shot, and rather creepy. I loved every single second of this movie. Getting an R-rating for being "too scary" says it all. It lived up to the hype.

The Wolverine

It was better than X-Men Origins. That's all that is important.


This one had a lot of problems, but based on concept and effects I decided to put it on here. It's worth seeing at least once.

Insidious: Chapter 2

I enjoyed this one as much, if not more, than the first one. James Wan delivered another quality product and it was terrifying.


This is probably my #1 of the whole year. It was such a great movie. I hope it wins Best Picture.

Ender's Game

A decent book adaptation with fantastic special effects. I would check it out if you didn't.

Thor: The Dark World

Another quality Marvel release that was better than Iron Man 3. Just saying. It was better than Man of Steel, too.


I put this on here for animation and animation only. I didn't like the movie as a whole all that much, but the animation was beautiful. The characters as a whole weren't bad either.

American Hustle

Funny, interesting, sad, happy, total package. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Kudos to David O. Russell for giving us another gem. 

Like I said, there are still a couple I would like to see before the year is up so this list might change a bit. Do you agree with my list? Did I miss something you liked? Did I add something you hated? Let me know in the comments.

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