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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Worst Posters of 2013

Along with the worst movies of 2013, I decided to reflect on the best posters we got this year. Just because the poster is on this list doesn't necessarily mean the movie was in the "worst of" list. It just means that the movie had a pretty bomb poster. Again, these are in no particular order.

Here we go!

I feel like they could have done so much more for this one. I figured we would get a better poster and some point and it never came. Disappointing, but then again the movie sucked so I guess I should have known. 

Justin Bieber's Believe
We get it. He is trying to be Michael Jackson. Go away now, Bieber. No one cares. This looks like a poster for a Disney Channel movie.

Movie 43
A bad, risque poster to go with a bad movie. Nothing too special.

Star Trek Into Darkness
This was the worst of the "from behind" posters we got an abundance of this year. It is really busy and it showcases a villain they claimed wasn't even in the movie. Even the alternate posters weren't that great. Sorry.

The Last Exorcism: Part II
I think they tried to be clever, but it looks like a poster for a bad Netflix rental. I'm surprised this movie even was released in theaters.

Warm Bodies
I didn't like any of the marketing for Warm Bodies and part of it was the ghastly posters. The red on white was attention grabbing, but putting the pictures on mostly vector images was weird for me and none of them looked good. I think they hired first year design students for these. I don't even want to know who came up with the lame slogans and taglines.

World War Z
Busy, overly CGI infused posters to go along with a busy, overly CGI infused movie. I didn't like any of the marketing for this one as well. The alternate posters were just as bad.

Click the jump to see what else made the cut for the worst.

What do you guys think? Did I miss something or include something that shouldn't be here?
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