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Friday, December 27, 2013

Shia LaBeouf might face legal action for plagiarism

I didn't write about this when it surfaced because I didn't figure it would go anywhere, but it does appear that Shia LaBeouf might face legal action from publishers claiming he plagiarized material. LaBeouf's short film,, has come under scrutiny by publishers claiming he lifted the material from Daniel Clowes' comic, Justin M. Damiano. After the claim was made LaBeouf offered an apology saying he "fucked up" for not crediting Clowes for the material. He also offered to pay a settlement and work out a deal in order to properly credit Clowes and the publishers.
That doesn't seem to be enough as Clowes' publisher, Fantagraphics, announced they are exploring legal options against LaBeouf for plagiarism. I guess this comes due to the fact that he admitted to stealing the character for his short film. In addition to these claims, LaBeouf also admitted to plagiarizing material from Charles Bukowski for his comic, Let's Fucking Party. In the comic he exits the play Orphans and explains by stealing material from David Mamet and Tom Chiarella.

Basically this proves that Shia LaBeouf likes to read but has no original ideas and will most likely be sued for it. Good job, kid.

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