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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Venom spin-off in the works

Mind you this is very preliminary, but Columbia Pictures has tapped Chronicle director Josh Trank to direct a Spiderman spin-off featuring none other than Venom, aka Eddie Brock.

Now... I must say that Venom is one of my favorite comic book characters/villains of all time. Despite how much I would love to see this happen in some way I really don't want it to. There is practically no possible way to do a movie about Venom without Spiderman being present in some way.
With that said, maybe this is their way of saying that Venom will be the villain in the next Spiderman featuring Andrew Garfield? If there is another Spiderman with Garfield after The Amazing Spiderman, that is. We all know at this point the villain in The Amazing Spiderman is The Lizard, so maybe there will be a set up for Venom in a future film that will be centered more around the villain rather than Spiderman.

I know what you all are thinking; Spiderman 3 had Venom and it was terrible. Allow me to remind you that not only did Spiderman 3 suck in general but Eddie Brock was completely slaughtered in that movie. Venom shouldn't have even been included... I don't know. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

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