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Monday, February 27, 2012

Netflix to lose Starz on February 28th

Basically Netflix let their contract with Starz expire. This means any streaming movies through Starz Play will not be available after midnight tonight.

Netflix is gonna go down in flames. It's a little unfortunate.


  1. Well Netflix losing Starz was a long time coming. I have read several articles in the months about his happening. I left when I had the chance and I love the service I have through the Blockbuster@home service I have. My co-worker at DISH told me to try it out since they are offering the free 3-month trial and I fell in love with it. I was not very happy with Netflix and their content and so I gave it a shot. I love their streaming service and I absolutely love that I can get new releases on DVD 28 days before Netflix. Now that Netflix lost Starz, I am more than happy that I made the switch.

    1. I looked at the Blockbuster thing but I didn't think it would last given the fact that Blockbuster has basically gone under. They closed the last store in my area a couple months ago.
      I might look into the thing Comcast Xfinity is going to roll in because I already have Comcast.