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Sunday, August 24, 2014

True Blood Series Finale, "Thank You" - Review

Through seven seasons we have seen how the residents of Bon Temps lives have changed in HBO's, True Blood. After tonight's series finale we have answers to the fates of certain characters, resolutions to certain plots, and it was intended for us to feel a sense of closure. All I have to say after watching the finale is the closure we were supposed to have might as well be a unicorn because it did not exist.

I was left with more questions, comments, and disappointments at the end of this series than I was during any of the previous season finales. A few include:

  1. Why the hell could Sookie read Bill's mind during the wedding? 
  2. I love how Jessica and Hoyt reconciled in the end, but holy shit the marriage was stupid. It did nothing but emphasize how selfish Bill Compton actually was. He knew he could guilt trip Jessica into just about anything at that point so he made her feel bad about him never being able to see his daughter get married. Not to mention the fact that a good half of the episode was wasted on the wedding.
  3. Speaking of stupid, Jason marrying Bridget was even dumber. She must have gotten pregnant awful quick after she was supposed to go back to Alaska because they had three kids in less than five years and the oldest one looked like she was at least 4 or 5.
  4. Why did Lafayette have absolutely no role in the finale at all? Sure, he and James are seen at Thanksgiving but that's it? Disappoint. 
  5. That CGI for the explosion at Fangtasia was so terrible. Not to mention it was lame how they ousted the Japanese.
  6. Did Eric have absolutely no concern for Sookie ever again now that Bill was at the point of certain death? Despite Eric's seven season long interest in Sookie we are supposed to believe that he could just drive away from her house and never bother her again? I don't buy it and it was a waste of building up to something fans were hoping and waiting the entire series to see.
  7. Why isn't Sookie a vampire?
  8. Seeing that Sookie isn't a vampire, what the fuck was the point of introducing Warlow?
  9. Who was Sookie's husband?
  10. Why did they feel the need to even include Sam in the finale? We already said goodbye to him, despite how shitty of a send-off it was. 
  11. The flashback with Gran was just to give us another taste of her and of Tara before it was all over. There was no point to that.
  12. I guess Andy must have gotten over Adilyn and Wade awful quick because they looked pretty comfortable at the dinner table. 
  13. Speaking of Adilyn, why wasn't she at Jessica and Hoyt's wedding?
  14. Sarah Newlin living was a slap in the face, too. I understand Pam and Eric wanting to make money, but come on. Eric's entire arc for this season was to kill Sarah. Her being crazy was just the icing on the cake. 

I just need to stop before that list gets any longer. The bottom line is this was one of the worst television finales I have ever seen. It makes the last episode of Lost look like a masterpiece. Just about the only things I enjoyed were Bill dying (finally) and Eric and Pam reuniting and rising to power once again.
By far the biggest slap in the face is Sookie remaining a fairy. The final poster was a big tease and the entire storyline of Warlow was as well because it put into our heads that it was possible to have a fae-vamp hybrid. Seeing Bill's "Billith" power at one point and Eric's longstanding interest in her, I was certain the finale of this show would be Sookie finally being turned into a vampire... but no. They wasted the whole possibility and lead into it for whatever reason. 

A main issue I have with all of this is they made main characters seem so pointless. They were killed off for no reason, or in a terrible way, and the way they weren't carried on was even worse. The biggest offenders include, and not just for this final season:

  1. Alcide
  2. Tara
  3. Terry
  4. Warlow
  5. Queen Sophie-Anne
  6. Godric

Sookie might as well have pissed on Alcide's grave. The way she moved away from him was appalling. The fact that Sookie was still driving Alcide's truck just made me mad. Just days prior to Bill's death she was mourning Alcide. All of a sudden she was back in it with Bill and in love with him and not wanting him to die. I just can't. Such a great character went right in the trash can.

This finale cemented the fact, and not feeling, that I wasted seven years on this show. I know it was never meant to be a masterpiece but the show just went overboard and got to the point where it was weird just because it could be. The plots made no sense, the character development got shot to hell, and the way they wrapped it up was plain insulting. I should have stopped watching after season four like I wanted to. Instead I stuck it out hoping that each season would be the last and it never seemed to end. They should have made season five the finale and just called it. Instead they dragged it out and gave us this bullshit.
I am still saying the best True Blood seasons are definitely the first two with the third one being in the middle. Season four showed that the show was spiraling down really quickly and seasons 5-7 were just a waste. I'm sorry to say it but I won't miss this show at all and I'm happy it's finally over.

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