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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Star Wars Episode VII casting shortlist narrowed down

We still don't have any official casting news for Star Wars Episode VII, other than Adam Driver apparently being cast as the villain, but rumor has it the shortlist for the highly coveted male lead has been narrowed down to five actors. This list includes Jesse Plemons, John Boyega, and Ed Speleers. Some lists also include theater actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher.

You might not recognize any of these guys except for Jesse Plemons who gained a rather cult following due to his role as Todd on Breaking Bad. I recognize all of them except for the theater guys simply because I've seen both Attack the Block and Eragon. Boyega hasn't been in anything too mainstream since Attack the Block while Speleers has been a series regular on the award winning series Downton Abbey since 2012. Either way, we should hear official news on Episode VII soon as production is set to begin in May and go through September.  It is currently set for theatrical release on December 18, 2015.

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