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Monday, March 17, 2014

Veronica Mars upsets Kickstarter backers with download issues

When the Kickstarter campaign started to fund a much demanded, among the fanbase, movie for the canceled TV show Veronica Mars, the backers were promised a free digital download of the film on the theatrical release date. Due to demand and some lousy download production, many fans were unable to download the movie.

A consumer download company, VHX, works with Kickstarter to give the backers their downloads and they released a lengthy statement regarding the issue. It urges the distributors to "think like fans" and is blaming the difficulties on the production for not thinking like their backers. They cite the DRM-based Ultraviolet download template for the failures claiming the technology is not versatile and prevented downloads of Veronica Mars on any and all mobile devices. If you weren't downloading on a computer you couldn't get your free download.

You can read the full statement here.

Basically, this was an oops. I never really saw the point in offering the free download because a majority of people who backed the Kickstarter are the ones who would be seeing it in theaters... but you are giving them the movie at home for free. *shrug*

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