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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Charlie Sheen absent from Anger Management tapings

Looks like the winning, tiger blood Sheen is back.

Lionsgate has apparently been forced to delay production past the scheduled date and use stand-ins for filming of Anger Management as Charlie Sheen has stopped coming to work. Sheen's publicist claims he did not show up due to the illness of another cast member and Lionsgate refused to comment, but this is rumored to have angered other cast members, even to the point that some are threatening to stop working if this persists.
Anger Management was greenlit by FX for 100 more episodes after just one, 10-episode season in 2012 due to the overwhelming success of the show's debut. After Sheen was made famous due to his struggle with substance abuse during his stint on Two and a Half Men, many speculated if he could complete a 110 episode commitment to a new sitcom after being very publicly fired and replaced with Ashton Kutcher. Anger Management is currently 2/3 of the way there with the intensive filming schedule of two episodes per week. It is still scheduled to be completed this fall even with the attendance issue.

This is not the first hiccup this sitcom has experienced. Early in the show, co-star Selma Blair was dismissed from the show after she brought accusations about Sheen's work ethic to light. Sheen responded on Twitter and even busted out the dreaded "c-word." She is not the only one to question Sheen as many viewers brought up his decline on Two and a Half Men and claimed the show was doomed at some point.
Despite all of this, Anger Management has been steady for FX. The ratings are consistent despite retaining a fraction of the first season viewership. If the show can complete the 110+ episodes it is set to bring in an international revenue of up to $800 million.

Sheen's regular co-stars include Shawnee Smith, Noureen DeWulf, Brett Butler, and Martin Sheen. Guest stars, so far, include Lindsay Lohan, Denise Richards, LeAnn Rimes, CeeLo Green, and Carol Kane.

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