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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Random] My favorite Michael Jackson songs

I labeled this random because it is just that. I have been on a Michael Jackson kick for a good solid week now and I just felt like sharing my top MJ songs. Some of them are popular and some not so much.
Let me just say this as well... I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson's music. When I was little my mother tried to shelter the best she could and I was often given these choices when it came to music; The Beatles, Michael Jackson, or some form of jazz and/or R&B. Needless to say I always chose Michael Jackson and I have loved it practically my whole life. With that said, I really know these songs and I do love them despite the kind of music I generally like. Good? Excellent =^D

12. They Don't Care About Us (HIStory)
I love this song because of the general feel of the song. It has conviction, a catchy chorus, a rock edge, and a great beat. I also think the lyrics are very strong and can be applied to our world very easily, whoever the "they" may be.

11. Ghosts (Blood on the Dance Floor)
The basic riff of the song is incredible. Very easy to get into. I also loved the short film... the entire short film.

10. Money (HIStory)
I honestly don't know why I love this song as much as I do. It always is one that gets in my head and I hum the bass line almost all day. It is also one of my favorites to play on the Wii dancing game.

09. Who Is It (Dangerous)
Bottom line... great song.

08. Give In To Me (Dangerous)
Very heartfelt lyrics, great rhythm, and an awesome guitar solo at the end. Catchy as hell.

07. Black or White (Dangerous)
I grew up with this philosophy; race doesn't matter. What matters is who a person truly is. This song has always accompanied me on that one and I love it. It is how everyone should think.

06. Man in the Mirror (Bad)
Obviously one of the greatest songs Michael Jackson has ever recorded. The message is nothing other than powerful and it is 100% true, imo. "If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make the change."

05. Scream [feat. Janet Jackson] (HIStory)
Great duet from a great musical family. The lyrics are great, the video was great, and I love the fact that Michael went out there and said "fuck."

04. Remember the Time (Dangerous)
This is mostly because of the music video. I have always loved the dance sequence and the overall Egyptian feel. I also think the song is catchy and it is just a lot of fun.

03. In the Closet (Dangerous)
I have loved this song since I was a little kid. Back then I didn't even quite understand the subject matter, haha. I just love the lyrics, the accompanying video, and the music itself. The beat and groove to this song is great. I love the chorus, as well.

02. Human Nature (Thriller)
No words describe how much I love this song. The lyrics, the music, and the way he would perform it live. I just love it. I will never get tired of hearing this song.

01. Another Part of Me (Bad)
This is probably the most unconventional and fairly unpopular Michael Jackson songs, but I love it to death. It has my favorite actual tune and although the lyrics are cheesy as hell, I love them. I remember this song ending the Captain EO short film shown at Disneyland and it never escapes my head. I walk around randomly singing and humming this song and it has never gotten old. "You're just another part of me!"

Now... just because a song isn't on this list doesn't mean I dislike it or was ignoring it. Songs like Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Beat It, etc.. I love those songs as well. However, none of them really hold a strong connection to me. They are easy to sing, dance to, and very recognizable. That doesn't mean they are my top favorites, though.
However, I do credit Thriller for getting me into the horror genre. I will and must admit that. As a young child I watched the Thriller music video and the whole concept got me curious about horror. I will always hold a special place for Michael Jackson for opening that door to me.

There are also a couple songs that didn't quite make it into the top 12 that still surpass the most popular MJ singles; Workin' Day and Night, Liberian Girl, Dangerous, Leave Me Alone, and Speed Demon. Lots of stuff from Dangerous and Bad. That's my childhood right there.
I also must say that I love the Live in Bucharest concert that was aired on HBO. I have an old VHS tape that my parents recorded the show on from the television so I could watch it whenever I wanted.

EDIT: Seeing the views this post is getting, how about sharing some of your favorite MJ songs as well? I'm curious to see what other people's favorites are.

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