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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead recap - Killer Within

I don't normally do recaps or much of anything for television shows but I am a Walking Dead fan and I just had to talk about this week's episode. It left me in kind of a sad state of shock. And in case you were curious this will contain spoilers so if you didn't watch tonight's episode just yet then I would wait to read this. Click the jump if you are prepared.

So... unlike last week, this week basically alternated between Woodbury and the prison. Last week it was all Woodbury and it was the only episode in all 3 seasons, so far, that didn't feature Rick or his storyline at all. It was a little odd but kind of a welcome change. This week we were brought back to the prison.

The first thing that left me uneasy was the handling of the two prisoners wanting to join the group. T-Dog was surprisingly the only one who felt they could become members of the group. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, and Carol all thought they needed to stay in their cell block or leave the prison altogether. I am sympathetic to the prisoners but at the same time I agreed with Rick and the others. It was a risk they couldn't really afford to take at this point.
As the episode went on and things started happening, such as the gates being cut open and the prison alarms going off to attract walkers, I could tell that the prisoners had planned something to try and take it back. It was so obvious. They knew ammo was low and that the group had settled in and planned to be there for a long time. Why not just pick up where they left off, right? The fact that everyone got split up was where it got ridiculous. I understand in certain situations you can't always stay as one unit but it didn't even seem like they were trying. Everyone just went their own way and ignored where people were going.

Skipping ahead to what got me the most about this week's episode... I am in complete shock that they killed Lori this quickly. If you read the comics you know that Lori is killed along with the baby but it isn't until much later when the group is ambushed by The Governor. I expected her to die as it was inevitable but not like this. Way too soon, imo. Not only that but they made her a complete quitter. She accepted it way too easily. After fighting to stay alive and have her family back for so long it seemed too easy for her to decide, cut me open and let me die and also let my son kill the walker version of myself. A very poor choice for Lori's death. It's upsetting.
Speaking of deaths, we also had the death of T-Dog this week. I am very sad to see him go but I can appreciate how they did it. He went out a hero and never lost heart in what he fought for. It'll be sad not having him around.

Now onto new life, we witnessed the birth of Lori's baby girl as well. Another event that I thought was a bit too soon but oh well. The show is straying from the comics a lot so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different.
I am curious on how The Governor will find the group and what will happen when they face each other at the prison. I bet that will be left as a cliffhanger into season 4, though. I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

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