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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Year Zero TV show on hold

It was announced in 2010 that Trent Reznor, the mastermind of Nine Inch Nails, was in the process of developing a television show for the 2006 album Year Zero with HBO. News of the show development has been fairly silent since then until Reznor did a Reddit Q&A with fans today.

Basically, the show is on hold. He and Rob Sheridan met with writers and the network and they couldn't find any writers they liked. As a result, Reznor and Sheridan are doing the writing themselves and it is taking more time than expected because they are avoiding the process. Reznor did say the project will see the light of day eventually but he doesn't know when.

* sigh *
They should have gone to AMC, ffs. HBO is a bunch of suckers these days.

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