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Monday, November 18, 2013

Was Brittany Murphy poisoned?

This is random, but I wanted to share it for the sheer fact that I still miss Brittany Murphy.

A new report is claiming that Murphy, who passed away from "natural causes" in 2009, might have been poisoned. Murphy's father has launched a new investigation claiming that his daughter and her late husband, Simon Monjack, were poisoned by someone out to kill them. He sued to obtain samples of his daughter and hired the Carlson Company to run tests. The lab's general manager, Danny Seilheimer, is claiming the report is a "bona fide report" and that their client is intending to release the report.

Murphy and Monjack died five months apart and the Los Angeles Coroner deemed both deaths due to natural causes via a mixture of pneumonia and anemia. Most shrugged off the odd link due to the fact that many reported that Murphy had been sick for sometime and Monjack had a heart condition.
This new lab report is giving credibility to the theory of poisoning after extremely high levels of aluminum, manganese, barium, and other unspecified metals were found in Murphy's system. The report authorized by Seilheimer lists a total of ten heavy metals found that all were at a level higher than what is considered safe by the World Health Organization. It also states that the cause of death is plausible by poisoning from a third party source with criminal intent.
Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can include dizziness, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, neurological damage, abdominal cramps, tremors, sweating, disorientation, coughing, wheezing, congestion, and pneumonia.  Most of these symptoms plagued both Murphy and Monjack shortly before their deaths. One source in this theory is a toxic mold that was found in their house along with several different household cleaners and pesticide poisons.

I personally find this very sad. I always loved Brittany Murphy (ah, that laugh) and it was very unfortunate what happened with her. She passed way too young.
You have seen, or heard, Brittany Murphy in films and television such as Clueless, Just Married, King of the Hill, Drexell's Class, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girl Interrupted, Riding in Cars with Boys, and Sin City.  Her mother and widower, Monjack, also established a foundation in her honor which intended to fund children's art and education as well as the USO and cancer research.

I still miss seeing you on the big screen, girl.

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