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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fifty Shades of Grey moves to 2015

I called this one.

Along with the first images of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, we now have confirmation that Fifty Shades of Grey has moved from an August 1, 2014 release to February 13, 2015. Just in time for Valentine's Day so we can all celebrate misogynistic, controlling, and abusive relationships together!

This all comes after a lengthy development. Not only did it take forever to cast the lead roles, once they were cast everyone was thrown for a loop after Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the project. The project scrambled to find a new Christian Grey and eventually did with Jamie Dornan. Most of the supporting characters still haven't been cast and Dornan was left with almost no time to prepare for this movie, so the inevitable schedule change has happened. I called it for that reason and also because it shared the release with Guardians of the Galaxy. This movie had no chance against a Marvel release, so now it joins the extremely crowded movie schedule 2015 holds.

And we have the first images of our main characters, via EW:

I think this is a better fit that Charlie Hunnam would have been, but we shall see. At this rate I am guessing we won't get a trailer until late summer for fall 2014.

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