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Monday, November 11, 2013

Three spin-offs for The Conjuring planned

In addition to the news of the Annabelle spin-off to James Wan's The Conjuring (read about it here), we now have learned that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. is planning three spin-offs total.

It was announced that the companies are prepping the projects based off The Warren Case Files. The projects will be micro-budgeted and most likely fast-tracked. Rumors are circling that the Annabelle spin-off may enter production as soon as December for a 2014 release.
There is no further info on exactly which cases the other two projects will focus on, but the Warrens certainly have a decent archive with potentials. In my opinion, if these projects are going to be considered "spin-offs" they should be based off cases from within the room at the Warren's house. Maybe a project exploring Bathsheba Sherman a bit more in depth or something like that. Hopefully this isn't going to mean loose, low-budget reboots of The Amityville Horror or Haunting in Connecticut. Amityville has been done to death and Haunting in Connecticut didn't come out that long ago.

Leave it to Hollywood. They never know when to stop while they are ahead.

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