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Friday, September 7, 2012

UPDATE: Jeffrey Wright cast in Catching Fire

Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale, Source Code) is the newest addition to the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Wright has been cast as Beetee, a former victor from District 3 and is somewhat of an electronics expert. Click the jump for spoiler info on Beetee.

So, let's all meet Beetee:

He is from District 3 and is a victor of an unspecified Hunger Games.
He participated in the Quarter Quell and is one of 6 survivors from the event.
His nickname is "Volts" due to his expertise in electronics and wiring.
His companion is Wiress, a fellow tribute from District 3. Together they were called "Nuts and Volts."
He was called upon by Haymitch to keep Peeta and Katniss safe during the Quarter Quell.
He was taken by Plutarch, alongside Finnick and Katniss, to District 13 after the Quarter Quell.
Began making weapons in District 13 for the rebellion's military.
He helped create a bomb which destroyed part of the Capitol and killed many children and Rebel medics, including Katniss' younger sister Prim.
He is one of the few survivors of the initial rebellion.

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