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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

Yes... I saw the fourth Underworld film this past Friday, January 20th, in 3D.

I must start off by saying I am a huge fan of the Underworld films. Well, I am a fan of 2 of the 3. Personally I think Rise of the Lycans was a huge mistake but that isn't the point.

As far as Underworld: Awakening goes, I absolutely loved it. I thought the plot had a good direction and although you could tell it would most likely have a 5th movie coming after it they didn't leave us with a terrible cliffhanger or conclusion. It was great to have Selene back and I appreciated what they did with Subject #2. (Spoiler alert, the girl is Selene and Michael's daughter. As if anyone who has seen these movies couldn't decipher that from the trailers.)

But with almost every movie there is some criticism to be given. And yes, there will be spoilers with one of these.

1. How exactly did they get Selene's daughter with Selene having no memory of having a daughter? Unless vampires are harvested some other way we don't know about she would have been pregnant and from the looks of it, when she was captured along with Michael she was most certainly not visibly pregnant. I was disappointed that we found out nothing about how the daughter even came into play. They just fast forwarded 12 years into the future and told us Selene had a daughter with Michael.

2. The 3D was a mistake. It was dark, the light that did exist was in a strobe effect practically the whole movie, and the silver nitrate particles used to fight off the Lycans was distracting as hell. It clouded the whole picture too much. My recommendation... if you have a theater playing this movie in 2D choose that over the 3D. It really sucks ass.

3. They could only give us 88 minutes? The movie was good but it was way too short. They could have easily squeezed in 15-20 more minutes without putting a damper on anything.

Other than that, it is a great film for fellow Underworld and/or horror fans. Selene is back with a vengeance and I fucking loved it.

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