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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D

I went and saw the 3D version of Beauty and the Beast this morning. I didn't catch the 3D release of The Lion King a couple months ago because I went and saw the stage play, but I really wanted to see Beauty and the Beast. That has always been tied for my #1 favorite Disney animated film and I saw it in IMAX when Disney started re-releasing the animations in IMAX back in like 2002 or whenever that was.

I must admit that I liked the non-3D IMAX presentation better than this new restored 3D version. Not only did it have "Human Again" integrated in but I think the larger presentation and sound was better. 3D glasses always darken the picture which messes with the color contrast and depth, imo. However, that doesn't mean it didn't look good at all. The opening sequence looked fantastic and you could tell it was in 3D, but along with the other 3D releases I have seen after a while the effect wears off and by the end of the movie I had forgotten I was watching in 3D. Also, the rain toward the end when Gaston and the villagers attack the castle was more than distracting. The 3D rain practically fogged over the rest of the animation and made it really difficult to focus.
That was basically my main complaint; the weather distraction with the rain and snow. That and the fact that "Human Again" wasn't integrated in like it was in the previous IMAX release.

What I loved most of all was the Tangled short in front of the feature film. I also loved Tangled and I must say the new short was hilarious. I was laughing through most of it. There were a lot of little kids in the theater and they laughed through the credits of the short. By far the best. I believe the full title was Tangled Ever After. They also show a 3D teaser for the re-release of Finding Nemo 3D this fall. There is a trailer for the upcoming Pixar release, Brave.

But yeah... I would give Beauty and the Beast 3D a 3/5. It wasn't a total loss but, as always, the 3D isn't necessary.

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