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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises 6-minute prologue leaked online!

I'm giving the link I was on last night despite the fact that the video has since been taken down.

With that said, I saw the leaked video last night. It wasn't that great in terms of quality but it was still exciting. It starts with Commissioner Gordon making some sort of speech about Harvey Dent and morphs into what looked like the Mayor boarding a plane. He was talking about Bane and wondering why he wears the mask. Bane turns around and starts talking about something and says he can't take off the mask. Another plane flies over them and the Mayor asks if his plan was to get caught and Bane says his next move was to crash the plane. It was hard to tell whether the people jumping out of the other plane were helping Bane or trying to stop him, but they blow up half of the plane, attach cables to it, and as Bane escapes the first plane drops and crashes to the ground. The whole time the chant-like theme that was at the end of the teaser plays.
The prologue ends with short clips, a lot of them hard to see because it's dark, but you see a glimpse of Catwoman with those damn goggles on and also the start of the police fight with all of the Arkham guys. It ends with Bane walking away carrying the broken Batman mask.

From what I could make out of the video it looked pretty awesome and I hope my description helps. I'll try and find another video and if I can I'll replace the link
There are also videos on YouTube, if they're still there today, of just the audio from the prologue. If nothing else you hear Bane's voice. The voice is quite interesting and I have no doubt it was all ADR.

EDIT:  It's not the Mayor. I thought it was because the first bootleg was such shitty quality. And I'm still trying to find another video of the prologue. Both that I found have been taken down.

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