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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Natalie Portman spewing fire at Marvel over Thor 2

So apparently Natalie Portman is shooting fire at Marvel over the firing of Patty Jenkins, the director who was set to direct Thor 2. First off, Marvel is claiming they weren't happy with how "indecisive" Jenkins was proving to be and thought that she would cause the film to not meet its November 2013 release. It's only about halfway through December 2011 and Jenkins was only hired in October. November 2013 is a little less than two years away. Give me a fucking break. However, seems like if Portman wasn't contractually obligated to the project she would have already walked away due to this. She is expressing anger and irritability toward Marvel for this decision. Marvel is apparently working to smooth over the situation to keep Portman happy and is also involving her with the selection of a new director. Marvel is now also claiming that Jenkins was hired based on Portman's endorsement and enthusiasm in the first place and that the studio became uncomfortable with Jenkins during her involvement with screenwriter interviews and script reads.

I like Natalie Portman and all, but what makes her the star of the show to the point that she demands being involved in choosing a director and gets all pissy and threatening when a female director is released from a project? Just because she won the amount of awards for Black Swan and thinks she is hot shit? Bullshit. I understand wanting more women in the director's chair but I don't think that was Marvel's intention. Some people just aren't meant for certain projects, male or female. Not to mention the fact that none of Portman's previous roles have had a female director and for the most part have been quite successful, specifically Black Swan which was directed by Darren Aronofsky. One more film directed by a man won't hurt anyone or anything so she needs to shut up. She has no right in any way, shape, or form to personally hand pick who she wants to direct the film. That is the responsibility and job of the studio. Marvel is doing their job. They thought Jenkins wasn't going to work out so she was replaced. It happens and Portman should know that.
I personally think she is doing this on purpose to stall production. She has repeatedly stated that she didn't even know if she wanted to continue acting after giving birth to her son. What better way to do that than piss Marvel off and act like a child making the production 10x more difficult than it needs to be. Really low on her part, tbh, not to mention it's embarrassing. It makes her look like a spoiled brat.


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