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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tensions rise on Fifty Shades of Grey set

Seems that there is some trouble in paradise for Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie is currently shooting, but there are reportedly some tensions between director Sam Taylor-Johnson and book author E.L. James. Apparently James is arguing about how the script is written and wants the movie to be a page by page adaptation of the book. Taylor-Johnson responds with telling James she should stick to writing books.


In addition to that, there have been problems with the Vancouver residents. During a recent scene in the rain, local residents were very vocal about their disapproval of the rain machine and stated if any water got into their homes they would sue to the production. The producers had to meet halfway and eventually wound up moving to a new location. Sources say one resident took it upon himself to shake a cowbell out his window and ruin every take.

You know.... sometimes people should take it as a sign. Maybe this movie just shouldn't be happening.

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