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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paranormal Activity 5 casting call reveals characters

A newly released casting call has revealed the new family that Paranormal Activity 5 will focus on. The characters will be Ryan, Emily, and their 6-year old daughter Leila. Also in the mix is Ryan's younger brother Mike.

Ryan is described as a 26-31 year old male who is a "big kid." He is a game designer who relocated from New York to Palo Alto, CA to take a job with Rockstar Games. His wife Emily is a self-described "hippie" who is more serious than her husband. Her sister also passed away a year before the events of the film. The daughter is described as a fearless tomboy.

Now, of course the plot is assumed to be a family quickly discovering there is something wrong with their house. Who knows if this will have a tie into The Marked Ones or not, but we will see shortly. Paranormal Activity 5 is set to hit theaters on October 24th.

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