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Friday, January 17, 2014

Batman vs. Superman pushed to 2016

It looks like we will have to wait another year to see Ben Affleck as Batman. Warner Bros. announced an inevitable schedule change for the Man of Steel sequel. The "untitled" Batman vs. Superman project has shifted from July 17, 2015 to May 6, 2016. In place of the DC Comics film, the new reboot of Peter Pan has now taken the July 17th spot.

Batman vs. Superman will now be released in the same year as X-Men: Apocalypse and an untitled Marvel project rumored to be Doctor Strange. It also moves it just a year apart from the planned Justice League movie and the same year as the announced Flash film. Whether this will shift more DC movies as a chain reaction is still unknown but it's possible. I won't be surprised if they move Flash to 2017 and delay Justice League to 2018. Reasoning for the delay was cited as a creative issue. In order for the filmmakers to fully capture their vision they needed more time. This also moves the budget to the second quarter of the fiscal year, so they now have more money to spend on it. There also is a rumor that Ben Affleck recently injured himself, but that hasn't been confirmed.

I personally don't mind this. It takes some of the heat out of the 2015 year which is already ridiculously overcrowded. 

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