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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More info on American Horror Story Season 4 surfaces

Despite having a minor teaser of the theme during this past week's Coven episode, we now have more information regarding the fourth installment of American Horror Story.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy teased fans a bit more by giving us knowledge that it will take place in the year 1950 and that it will be a period piece. He also includes how they try and not do what they have done before, so to expect something different. The final teaser, "Jessica Lange is already practicing her German accent so I'm very excited!"

So I did some research on the year 1950...

  • The Cold War was in full effect as early as January.
  • In January, there were some German doctors and scientists who came out and admitted to being Soviet spies. They passed nuclear data from the British and Germans to Russia. 
  • The first steps toward the European Union were set in place in May.
  • The Korean War began in June.
  • Communist riots erupted in Berlin, Germany in September. Also in the same month, West Germany purged all Communist leaders. 
  • East Germany approves Communism in a landslide vote in October.

It is also worth mentioning that 1950 was still pretty much the tail end of World War II. Although the European Occupation was pretty much wrapped up by 1945, people were still picking up the pieces in the 1950's. It is possible that this season could be about remaining Nazi's and war criminals. Just putting that out there. I also think with the time frame it could have something to do with the Holocaust or the Cold War. It might be an excited theme to have Communism and spies.

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