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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shia LaBeouf receives cease and desist letter

In addition to LaBeouf plagiarizing Daniel Clowes' graphic novel for his 2012 short film, LaBeouf has been doing much more in the past week or so. Not only was his original apology to Clowes was also plagiarized, but he has now gone to a sky-writing team and Twitter to push the matter a bit farther. LaBeouf tweeted a photo of a sky-written phrase, "I'm sorry Daniel Clowes," and managed to define what a cloud is in case we forgot.
Now he has taken to Twitter again and tweeted excerpts from a cease and desist letter Clowes' lawyer, Michael Kemp, sent to LaBeouf's attorney. The excerpts include, "your client is out of control. We have been waiting since December 27th to hear how Mr. LaBeouf intends to make it right, but all that has happened is further wrongful acts." Kemp also included the sky-writing incident was "foolishness." Kemp also proclaims that LaBeouf's actions on Twitter further violate the rights of Daniel Clowes. LaBeouf has since deleted the tweets on the manner.

I hope these people just sue Shia LaBeouf. He is proving what a moron he is. Someone needs to just sit his ass down.

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