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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twilight Forever box set revealed

We all knew this was coming.

A box set featuring all five Twilight movies along with over two hours of new bonus footage will be released on November 5th. Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga will feature each film (10 Blu-Ray discs or 12 DVDs), Ultraviolet digital copies for each, and a photo album. In addition to the previously released 10 hours of bonus footage, the two new hours will feature new behind-the-scenes footage as well as new cast interviews.

The box is two-sided featuring Edward and Bella on one and Jacob on the other.


As for pricing, the Blu-Ray is going to run you $74.99 and the DVD is about $65. That isn't bad considering what other ultimate sets can cost you. For a Twilight fan this looks like a pretty legit box-set. I won't be buying it but I'm sure the twihards will get their fix in this holiday season. I also bet certain stores will give away limited edition goodies along with it. Target and Best Buy like to do that sort of thing when it comes to Twilight.

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