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Sunday, August 18, 2013

True Blood "Radioactive" - Review

In the season six finale of True Blood, Sookie struggles to defeat Warlow at the same time that the vampires are dealing with the aftermath of their escape from the Governor's compound. In other words, it was another jumbled mess of an episode.

I'm not saying I expected a whole lot from this finale, but in a way I expected something that was at least decent. The way the last episode led into the finale I figured we would get a decent one and that the struggles were going to be enjoyable. This was probably the worst finale True Blood has had to date (yes, even worse than seasons 4-5) and the way the episode was constructed was ridiculous.

Just saying, this will have spoilers ahead, so don't read on if you don't want to know yet.

Last chance to bail.

It basically starts with Sookie going back into the fairy world and telling Warlow she wants to wait to be his because Bon Temps still needs her. He basically slaps the shit out of her and binds her to his wedding arch, or whatever the hell that was, and tells her he wants her blood and that she'll learn to love him over a couple thousand years.
The high vampires are enjoying the sun when Jason gets word that Sookie is in danger again, so they hire Andy's daughter to lead them into the fairly world to kill Warlow. Naturally, they aren't successful. When are they ever successful? Basically after an extremely short fight, grandpa Niall appears out of nowhere and Jason stakes Warlow. When he explodes all of the light from every vampire that had Bill's blood is pulled out of them. That includes Eric who is just chilling naked in the alps somewhere. Eric combusts into flames and we don't see him again for the rest of the episode.
Then they flash 6 months into the future where Bill has written a book about the Governor and how he saved the vampires, etc.. Sookie is dating Alcide, Jason still isn't allowed to have sex with Violet, Sam is the mayor of Bon Temps, and the people are being encouraged to find a vampire friend for a monogamous feeding arrangement to prevent the spread of Hepatitis V.  No word on the state or existence of Niall, Pam, or Eric.
The episode wraps up with a party at Bellefleur's Bar & Grill (yes, it isn't Merlotte's anymore) where humans and vampires are encouraged to intermingle and make the feeding arrangements. Bill approaches Sookie to offer her protection and Alcide and Sookie make it apparent they aren't interested. Alcide and Bill smell something and what do you know, it's a ton of vampires who come out of nowhere and head toward the party. The end.

Now... I had a lot of problems with this episode.

1. What should have been the entire finale was crammed into the first 25min of the episode. They rushed the important stuff and filled the last half with useless crap that should have been the intro to next season. Either that or it shouldn't have gone on for over 30min. It should have been ten at the most.

2. There was no mention of Pam or Eric in the future flash forward. No one even seemed to care about either of them, including Tara and Willa. I highly doubt either of them are dead seeing that Tara was still caring for Willa as Pam commanded her to, but you never know with this show. If they did truly kill Eric that was probably the worst way to kill a main character. Especially a series veteran and fan favorite.

3. How the hell did Sam become mayor? More importantly, why was his accent suddenly stronger?

4. How did the bar become Bellefleur's? Did Sam sell it to Arlene for the $2 million that Terry left her or what.

5. Does anyone really care about Jason and Violet? No. Her teasing him is a bit funny but it has gotten old real quick. Not to mention that sex scene between them was incredibly awkward.

6. Alcide and Sookie? Really?

7. Lettie May's speech to Tara was hilarious. "Let me feed you!"

Overall, the episode was just underwhelming and random. It was full of things that didn't matter and it was a terrible way to end a lackluster, extremely short season. I don't think I'm going to watch the seventh season next year. I am so sick of this show. It should have ended at season 4.

The way I would rate True Blood as of right now:

1. Season Two
2. Season One
3. Season Three
4. Season Four
5. Season Five
6. Season Six

They just keep getting worse. When Alan Ball left, whatever heart and soul the show had left went with him.

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