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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mythbusters shooting a zombie episode; searching for zombie volunteers!

Jamie and Adam are finally going to do a zombie episode of Mythbusters!
There is no word on exactly which zombie myths will be tackled, but there is going to be a test on which weapon is best for killing zombies. There is also no word on if any guests will appear, but they are searching for 300 zombie volunteers! You can visit the Mythbusters Twitter page for details on how to volunteer.

The rules listed on the submission form:

Must be 18+ years of age.
Must arrive in full costume and camera ready. No logos allowed.
Costumes must have full range of motion with the head and torso clear of any impaled objects or weapons.
Your costume must allow for addition of safety equipment including helmets, torso padding, etc.. Those with impaled objects will not be considered.
States of decay are fine and encouraged.

You must fill out the submission form and email a "mug shot" to

And most important: "Due to the expected volume of submissions, participation is not guaranteed. We will only contact you if you are selected, at which point you will be given further instructions."

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