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Monday, January 7, 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The everlonging saga of which movies Joseph Gordon-Levitt won't be in sounds like a better title for this subject.

Anyway, it was announced today that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed on for a lead role for Robert Rodriguez's upcoming film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. This film is the much anticipated sequel o the 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City which starred Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Mickey Rourke, and Jessica Alba. His role will be Johnny, a gambler who disguises a mission to destroy his enemy at his best game. Rumor has it the role of Johnny was previously offered to Johnny Depp.
Filming for A Dame to Kill For began last October, but the casting has been a bit disjointed seeing that the movie is being filmed entirely on green screen. People can join whenever they want. Already confirmed for the project are Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Jamie King, and Rosario Dawson. Rumors are out that Clive Owen and Bruce Willis are also returning but it isn't confirmed.

What does this mean? There will be no Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Guardians of the Galaxy. I relayed some information the other day that he had joined the long list of potential actors for the role of Peter Quill (aka, Star-Lord) in the Marvel flick. However, with the news of him joining A Dame to Kill For it pretty much shot the Guardians of the Galaxy rumors down and buried them. Sorry guys. We will have to settle for someone like Zachary Levi or Jim Sturgess after all.

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