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Thursday, January 24, 2013

J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII

I guess Abrams coming out and stating he had no interest in being part of the new Star Wars trilogy and would "rather be in the audience" was a farce... or a ploy for more money.

Anyway, it has been confirmed that J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost) will be directing Star Wars Episode VII after all. Abrams has come out on top of a rather long list of potential directors, including Zack Snyder, and is now one of the top honchos behind two of the most popular sci-fi franchises. The other, of course, being Star Trek. Abrams is the newest confirmation for this new trilogy. Other people on board are writer Michael Arndt who is writing the screenplay for Episode VII and writers Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg who are writing screenplays for future Star Wars films and/or spinoffs.
Another rumor regarding Zack Snyder is that he will be involved with a Star Wars spinoff film set to take place in the same universe as Episode VII.

[UPDATE 1/26] It is now official that Abrams is directing. Disney and Lucasfilm made the official announcement and George Lucas has released a comment about it.
"I’ve consistently been impressed with J.J. as a filmmaker and storyteller.  He’s an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn’t be in better hands."

I am currently shaking my head as I think this has gone way too far already and we haven't even started. I would like to be excited about Abrams being involved but we all saw what happened with Lost. The guy isn't perfect. I also think Disney's involvement is going to slice Star Wars' right hand off for me. They won't do anything but milk it for all it's worth and that is a true shame. As a big Star Wars fan I should be super excited for this and should have been excited since they announced a new trilogy was coming, but I still haven't found that happy place with this. If there are more Jar Jar type characters and purple lightsabers, or God forbid Jar Jar Binks and/or the Gungans comes back... I quit.

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