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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Emily the Strange gets a new writer; Moretz still attached to star

It has been three years since it was announced that Chloe Grace Moretz had signed on to play Emily in a long awaited film adaptation of Emily the Strange. Dark Horse Comics started the project in 2008 and officially settled with Universal and Moretz in September 2010. Since then there has practically been nothing else said about this project. No plot, no script, no additional cast, etc.. The closest we got was the announcement that Melisa Wallack was writing the script.

We now have word that the project has picked back up and a new writer has been brought on. Kealan O'Rourke has been hired to rewrite the script originally penned by Melisa Wallack. The story will apparently tell the origins of the punk, gothic cult-figure who gains abilities which fuse technology and imagination. It will also focus on her four cats Sabbath, Nee-Chee, Miles, and Mystery.
More potential good news? Moretz is still attached to star. There has been a lot of speculation that she may have dropped the project due to her rising popularity and busy schedule. Along with Carrie being released next month, Moretz has six films scheduled for the next two years. For 2014 alone Moretz has Laggies, The Equalizer, Sils Mara, and Dark Places. For 2015 and beyond she has If I Stay and The White Circus. My guess is that if this movie is going to be made at all we probably won't see it before 2015 if not 2016. However, Moretz will be close to 20-years old by then and pushing the believability of portraying a 13-year old. Especially with the way this girl is maturing.When she was originally cast she was 13-years old and most people, including me, jumped at it because we figured the movie would be filmed and released soon. She was the cute little girl from Let Me In and Kick-Ass. However, she went on to get older and star in Dark Shadows, Hick, Hugo, Kick-Ass 2, and Carrie. She also had a brief stint on 30 Rock
At this point I would re-cast and find a younger actress or I would can the project entirely. Either that or make this an animated feature and have Moretz voice the character. She probably won't even be available to film until she is 18+ anyway. It's one thing to play a high school student when you're that age, but not a 13-year old. The thought of them potentially making Emily older just to fit with Moretz rubs me the wrong way.

I love Chloe Moretz, don't get me wrong, but I just think her moment for this project has passed. Maybe the moment for the project in general has passed.


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