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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

True Blood will end with Season 7

This is the best news I have seen yet in regards to this show.

HBO has announced that the next season of True Blood will indeed be its last. The show will start its final, seventh season next summer. True Blood came on HBO in September 2008 with the story of a young waitress who begins a relationship with a vampire in the wake of vampires "coming out of the closet" into public view. The show continued on to reveal multiple supernatural entities and species, witchcraft, ancient creatures, and a ridiculous amount of characters and subplots.
Similar to the sixth season that just wrapped a couple weeks ago, the seventh will only have 10 episodes. The sixth season was the first season without showrunner and producer Alan Ball and it was noticeably different. The show focused back on Bon Temps, the human characters and their importance, and began weeding out the overwhelming abundance of characters and subplots.

Personally I think True Blood has gone on far too long, so this is great news. I still think it should have ended at season five (at the latest). Adios, Bon Temps!

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