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Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Updated] Saoirse Ronan up for Star Wars?

Rumor alert!

Word has it that Saoirse Ronan has read for a lead role for Star Wars Episode VII and Episode VIII. Of course there is no information on exactly what these roles are but apparently this is a lead female role. Ronan has most recently been seen in The Host and Byzantium.
Latino Review is also sticking to their guns about Benedict Cumberbatch being involved with the new Star Wars trilogy. They are claiming Cumberbatch's denials are lies and that he will have a major role to come into play more with Episodes VIII and IX. You no doubt know Cumberbatch from Star Trek Into Darkness.
They are also reporting that a small portion of the film will be shot in Las Cruces, NM. This is speculation that the movie will bring us back to Tatooine or perhaps to the Sith home planet of Korriban.

I wish Disney would just announce something already.

[UPDATE] Saoirse Ronan has confirmed that she read for Episode VII. She also added, "so has everyone," so apparently the role is being very widely approached.

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