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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney to ignore Escape From Tomorrow

Escape From Tomorrow, the so-called "guerrilla Disney film," was expected to run into a massive legal battle with Disney due to the fact that it was illegally filmed at Disneyworld in Orlando, FL. However, the marketing strategy directer Randy Moore is using doesn't appear to be working as Disney is ignoring the fact that the film even exists.

Instead of pursuing the justified and expected legal battle, the company and its lawyers have decided to basically ignore the film and the policies it breaks. By filming inside the theme park without permission or a permit, they committed trespassing and Fair Use copyright policies. Most people expected Disney to slap a gigantic lawsuit both for unauthorized filming and defamation, but by ignoring this movie entirely it is not just giving Moore and his film a free pass but is most likely dooming it to the underground, indie scene forever. Especially since the reviews from Sundance weren't all that positive.

I saw the trailer last week and I do have to say it looks interesting, but I am not expecting it to be all that good. I have been to Disney parks more times than I can count and have first hand filmed inside the park. The Cast Members let you film but they are always watching. I can only imagine how many times they had to stop and start while making this movie. Editing must have been a disaster.
If you want to try and see Escape From Tomorrow it is supposed to be getting a limited and VOD release in October. It tells the story of a family on vacation in which the father starts going insane while trying to trek through the theme parks. From what I have heard there are things like pedophilia in there, so it's a bit out there.

Now that the trailer has been allowed back on YouTube, you can watch it:


  1. What source says that the disney lawyers are ignoring this film? Who says they even want to sue at all?


      A lot of sources, actually. It's a simple Google search.