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Monday, November 28, 2011

Why is this happening...

Two depressing things today...

1. Why will the Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer tour everywhere but the United States? I mean fucking hell. And whenever they do play shows here they're almost always in Boston or NYC only. There are fans in other parts of the country. *yells*

2. I went to the mall today with my mom to pick out a Christmas present. Yes, she has me pick one and then she saves it for Christmas. Anyway I have a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and I collect the big snow globes. There was a snow globe on the Disney website in September and my mom waited hoping it might go on sale or that it would be in our local Disney Store. We go today and not only are there no snow globes at all but there were only 5 Nightmare items in the whole place. Only 5. The past 6-7 years, if not longer, there has been a whole section including snow globes, clothes, statues, figurines, etc.. This year there is nothing. I even went in Spencer's and Hot Topic and they didn't even have shit this year. What the fuck? Are they taking everything away for the next two years so they can make a massive comeback for the 20 year anniversary? So unfair. I bet they have it in that Nightmare themed store in Disneyland.

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