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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 [spoilers beware]

So yeah... I finally went to see it. Boredom got the best of me.

High points:
The "ghost" in the kitchen behind the babysitter.
Katie being stopped by Toby in the middle of the room and getting picked up by her hair.
All the kitchen items falling from the ceiling. 

Low points:
Everything else.

Honestly guys, these are not good movies. Suspenseful isn't even a valid description. I was bored through the whole thing just like I was during the first two. When I listed three high points that is seriously it. That whole advertising line of "the last 15 minutes will mess you up for life" is bullshit. All that happens is the boyfriend walks around the house with the camera, sees the grandma's reflection twice, opens a closet door to see a bunch of creepy old people in black clothes, sees the mother levitating, finds Kristie, then sees Katie kneeling by the dead mother. When he moves toward Katie she turns around with the same demon face she had in the first movie after killing Micah. He falls backwards and is approached by the grandmother and then is killed by the invisible demon force after it bends him backwards and kills him. Then grandma walks upstairs with Katie and Kristie and the movie is over. So scary and it messed me up for life. /sarcasm

I don't know if it's just me but if my child had an imaginary friend that was that intense where she flat out describes how she'll be in trouble if she tells is sketchy and not something to fool around with. Fuck taping at night. Take your child to a therapist.  And a demon named Toby? For fuck's sake lol. All I could think of was Roots.
And not to mention, what happened with all of the clips in the previews of the fire? That is a pretty important event in these movies and to just leave it out is really lame. All of the rest of the clips from the trailers and commercials aren't in the movie either. That didn't so much bother me because you're going in fresh but the house fire being left out was a huge let down.

It wasn't scary at all and I will never understand how or why these movies are scaring people so much. And to hear that a fourth one is apparently already in the works makes me sad.

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