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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Justice League and another reboot of Batman

Warner Bros. is going to apparently reboot Batman after Christopher Nolan's final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, is released in 2012 in an attempt to set up a Justice League film in 2013 or 2014. No word on if they will keep Christian Bale on as Bruce Wayne or not but what we do know is that Nolan will not be directing another. Rumor has it that he will stay on as a producer to future Batman films but I don't think there is confirmation.

With that said I got to thinking about casting. Who would I cast as the next Batman, or as any member of the Justice League for that matter?

Honestly, my pick for a new Bruce Wayne at this moment is Michael C. Hall. Many people now know him from Dexter but I know him from Six Feet Under and I have loved him ever since. He has the ability to play the cocky playboy for sure and I think he could live up to the challenge of being the caped crusader. Not to mention he would look great in the mask.

As for other members I am just hoping that they don't keep Ryan Reynolds on as Hal Jordan (aka, Green Lantern). Not only did the movie suck but he seriously sucked. Whoever cast him went on looks and popularity. He was not meant to ever play a superhero. He needs to stick to comedies.
If they could manage to get her hair darker than red I think Emma Stone would be a nice touch for Wonder Woman. Just to see what she can do. I personally love Emma Stone so I think it would be a nice breath of fresh air. If she wasn't right for Wonder Woman I would love to see her as Oracle (aka, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon).

Other than that I don't think we know exactly who is going to be included. I don't have a preference or an idea for The Flash or Aquaman (if they'll be included) and Henry Cavill is already filming the new Superman movie. Have to just wait and see.

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