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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teen Mom... and rich

First of all I want to take this opportunity to admit that a guilty pleasure of mine is watching Teen Mom on MTV. Now that that's out of the way I just read something online, which is already a bit old, that disturbed me... These girls are making $60,000 to $65,000 per season.

Let's look at jobs that make less than that in one year (on average, about $20,000 less):

Teacher (high school, middle school, elementary, special education, etc.)
Auto Mechanic
Dental Assistant
Graphic Designer
Social Worker
Respiratory Therapist
X-Ray Technician
Medical Assistant
Diagnostic Technician

That's just naming a few and among those few are jobs that our government is pushing on us. Education and medical being the top two career fields. If girls who were dumb enough to get pregnant at 15-16 and go on MTV so they can have their lives filmed are making more money in less time by doing nothing but fighting on camera then our society really needs a turnaround. It's bad enough the idiots on Jersey Shore are making over $120,000 per season when all they do is get drunk and have sex on camera.
The thing that cracks me up the most after watching this show for three seasons now is how these girls constantly bitch about how poor they are and how they're on such a tight budget. I no longer have any fringe of sympathy for any of them. They are driving new cars, renting apartments and houses with rent over $1000 a month (and no jobs), getting breast implants, getting fresh manicures, wearing designer clothes, getting their hair done, taking vacations, going out to eat, etc.. It's ridiculous and MTV ought to be ashamed. They are constantly stating that the show doesn't glorify teen pregnancy. Oh really? Why should these girls graduate and not get pregnant if they can make almost $70,000 for 11-12 episodes by doing so? There have been rumors swirling around since the second season of 16 and Pregnant that these girls are getting pregnant on purpose just to be on TV. I personally think there is validity in those rumors and that it was the case for most of those girls that popped up after the initial season aired.
I just hope the money they are being paid is put into a mandatory trust or college fund for the children. If I was in charge of the MTV payroll I would put it in these girl's contracts that out of their $60,000 they will only receive $25,000 per season, $30,000 max, and the rest is placed into a locked fund for the child until they reach the age of 18. That way you don't have dumb fucks like Gary who blow through the money and then say he's only on the show to get paid. There is no accountability for those children and I'm glad that baby Carly was able to escape it. Bentley, Leah, and Sophia have a long road ahead of them if their parents don't wise up.

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