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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey receives an R-rating

After much speculation and rumors that a final cut of Fifty Shades of Grey would receive an NC-17 rating, you can all take a breath because the MPAA has officially given the film an R-rating.

The description for the rating includes "strong sexual content including unusual behavior, dialogue, and graphic nudity." Most people, including myself, have wondered how the film could possibly do EL James' book proper justice by not having an NC-17 rating but it seems they either did enough convincing editing or omitted certain events entirely to achieve the R-rating. Personally, I am sure they will release an extended cut with deleted scenes and whatnot on Blu-Ray. If it performs well they might even do a limited theater engagement with a more explicit cut of the film.

Either way, we will get a chance to see for ourselves on February 13th.

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