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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Which Fifty Shades scene was ultimately cut?

It's not an understatement to say that all of Fifty Shades of Grey was controversial, but among all of the scenes in the book there is one that director Sam Taylor-Johnson chose to omit from the film adaptation. No, it's not Ana's first encounter with Christian at the hardware store or their first night in Christian's "Red Room of Pain." The scene that we will not see is pretty small, but it did even gross out some readers.

Taylor-Johnson stated that the bit where Christian removes Ana's tampon so they could have sex was omitted from the film. According to her the situation wasn't even discussed among the writers and the actors. It was just left out entirely. She also did hint that the sexual situations, although still a part of the film, were ultimately toned down. Early drafts of the script were rewritten because the team wanted to maintain a balance between the story and connection of the characters and their sexuality so the sexual overtones weren't overpowering the entire film.

In other words, they had to do something to maintain an R-rating. Sorry guys.

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