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Monday, October 6, 2014

Twin Peaks to return in 2016

If you watched Twin Peaks we can be friends.

Showtime announced that it had ordered a 9-episode season of the cult favorite show, Twin Peaks, to be written by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. The final episode of the show aired 23 years ago on ABC and Showtime is bringing the story back and the new season will take place 25-years after the original events took place.

Conveniently, production will begin in 2015 so the show will air on its 25th anniversary. It was also stressed that the return is not a remake or reboot of the show and that it will follow with the style and events that were originally introduced to viewers. Showtime will be airing reruns of the show's original episodes to prepare viewers for the new season. For some it will be a brand new experience while for others it will be great memories.

In case you never watched and have no idea, Twin Peaks follows a small northwestern town left horrified after their homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, was murdered. The local sheriff welcomes an FBI agent onto the case and as he begins to unfold the mystery surrounding Palmer's murder, the secrets of the town all start to come to the surface. As a result, several eerie events begin to take place in the town of Twin Peaks leaving the residents with a dark examination of their own lives.

Just a heads up... the existing seasons are currently available for streaming on Netflix. Highly recommended.

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