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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, and more news of The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence

Yeah... The first one disgusted me and this one looks like it would get the same reaction out of me. The only difference being is this "Full Sequence" is flat out torture porn. The first one did at least have some kind of back story, as little and hardly touched as it was. It was the doctor who separated Siamese twins and was now obsessed with the idea of a human centipede. Pretty cut and dry. This one has some creepy fat dude jerking off to the first film? No thanks.

I'll probably see it just because I saw the first and because the buzz is so high, but I won't be seeing it in theaters. They're only playing it in one theater in Colorado too and it's the expensive indie theater downtown. No thanks once again.

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